Generative AI COurse

New Course in Generative AI

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Course Title: HCSC 480: Sp Tp: Generative AI
Day/Time: TR 3:50 pm to 5:05 pm
Modality: Online
Instructor: Dr. David Brickler
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites:  None
Summary: This course is an introduction to the key concepts and algorithms of artificial intelligence (AI). The main focus of the course is on students learning the fundamental implementations of supervised learning and unsupervised learning in AI. They will also learn about the current state of AI with its uses and limitations, and they will learn the ethics and regulations surrounding it. They will learn how to use the widely popular AI program, ChatGPT. Hands-on activities include writing a very basic AI program and an application using ChatGPT.
Corporate Partner: Sage

Partnership Announcement

Watch as global software firm Sage and HBCU Morehouse College announce a new partnership to expand Morehouse’s software engineering program, providing students of color with more opportunities to use and study emerging technologies and learn first-hand how advancements in the tech ecosystem are impacting businesses and producing new career paths. In addition to a financial investment, Sage experts will also help to design and teach a series of new software engineering courses at Morehouse, as well as mentor and employ students as interns.  The partnership was announced at a joint event at Morehouse featuring leaders from both Sage and Morehouse.